The British government has removed Palawan in the list of areas in the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao, where a travel restriction for its citizens is raised.

“Terrorism section particulary Kidnapping – removal of information on Palawan Islands,” the United Kingdom-based Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) posted on its website on Saturday.

The FCO also removed the south of Cebu from the list of areas that may pose danger to its travelling citizens.
“Please note that this is a substantive change rather than the more usual factual updates. A substantive change is when we change our advice on what British nationals should or shouldn’t do. A factual update is when we do not change our advice, but we add information about something that has happened or in existence in the country concerned to help British Nationals be aware of recent events,” according to British Embassy Press and Communications Manager Cecille Fontanilla.

Before the Christmas holidays last year, the FCO issued an advisory to its citizens against all travel to western and central Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago because of terrorist activity and clashes between the military and insurgent groups.

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